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Graham Brooks

Graham Brooks - Coding Architect

Graham Brooks is a software engineer, architect and coach. Graham has been developing software since the early 80s focusing on building high performance, scalable solutions for customers and clients. Graham is passionate about improving the way that we write, build and manage software.

Conference and Meetup talks

I am an occasional speaker and presenter at conferences and meetups. I present on a variety of topics. Here are a few topics you might find interesting:

Build Metrics - What is your build system trying to tell you?

A core element of continuous delivery is the build pipeline. These systems are the delivery pump of builds and releases. They process and generate a lot of data which typically goes unnoticed - until there is a failure. What can we learn a lot by taking a closer look at this data - particularly when viewed over time. By recognizing patterns we can then adjust processes and tools to avoid problems or track changes to make sure that they are having the effect that we expect.

CQRS at Enterprise Scale

CQRS is a fascinating design pattern. I presented some experiences and thoughts at an event in Philadelphia (October 2015). I promised I would share the slides. You can find a PDF version here

Microservice API management, discovery, documentation and all that jazz

APIs are everywhere and the cornerstone for delivering compelling customer experiences through both internal and external integration. Being successful as an API developer is all about delivering a compelling developer experience.

This session is about the tools, techniques and processes that deliver compelling APIs that delight their customer developers.

Green field or brown exposing capabilities through APIs can be very challenging. APIs are not static. To be successful they need to develop and evolve to satisfy new demands. They need to be easy to find, understand and use.

Adopting microservice architectures move concerns that would typically be implemented inside services to be external infrastructure concerns. The demands are the same. The tools, processes and techniques need to evolve.

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